Libra OnDemand and epitome PMS - Working in Sync for Greater Guest Satisfaction

We have completed full two-way integration between Libra OnDemand CRM and epitome PMS, one of the leading hotel property management systems with thousands of hotel customers worldwide. This integration enhances the functionality of both applications to help hoteliers provide superior customer service.

Full two-way synchronization of customer profiles is supported, including ability to centralize customer information across multiple hotels. Guest History profiles in PMS are synchronized with Contact information in Libra onDemand, while Company and Travel Agency profiles are synch’ed with Libra’s Account profiles. Furthermore, we have implemented the additional option to track Bookers, i.e. persons within hotel customers’ organizations who are responsible for making travel decisions.

Revenue information automatically flows into Libra OnDemand after each night audit, updating Account and Contact related statistics fields. We currently track ADR, Net Revenue, Stays, Cancels and No Show statistics. Production reports in Libra OnDemand provide account intelligence to help accurately drive sales and marketing efforts.

One additional feature of the integration is the ability to automatically send guest’s preference information to the PMS. When guests arrive at the hotel, the receptionist will know what is their favorite room, what are their lifestyle preferences and what VIP level of service the guests are entitled to.


Libra OnDemand - Way More Than You Signed Up For

One of the best “hidden features” of Libra OnDemand is the platform that it is built on - In layman’s terms, it is an on demand development platform that allows organizations that are using it to easily customize and extend their applications. In other words if you are using Libra OnDemand for your hospitality sales and catering operations, you can extend the functionality of your app to almost any other aspect of your business.

For example, a recent client of ours has been so impressed with the flexibility of the platform, that they’ve decided to build a spa booking application to run their own health spa. They are extending the events booking functionality of Libra OnDemand to make it suitable to book spa resources such as treatment rooms and practitioners. While this is not going to compete with the full-featured stand alone spa management packages, it will get the job done for a fraction of the cost. And the beauty of it is that it will tie in very nicely with the CRM feature set of Libra OnDemand so full customer history is maintained and always stays up to date.

Or here is another example. The ice cream company Haagen-Dazs (not a Libra OnDemand customer) has decided to build their own franchise management solution using What a great idea and it just proves how the Power to Innovate is allowing companies to achieve success… on demand.


Libra OnDemand on Google Chrome

Google announced its new open-source web browser on Monday and yesterday released it for public beta. The blogosphere is now full of articles about this great new product from Google and many analysts are predicting that in two years’ time the market share of Chrome will rival that of Mozilla’s Firefox and pose a significant threat to Microsoft Internet Explorer.

We decided to give Google Chrome a try. Downloading and installing Chrome was quick and easy, although only the Windows version of the browser is currently available. We were impressed with the simple and clean user interface, and most of us thought that the internet pages were loading just a little bit quicker than on Firefox. There seemed to be no issues with the formatting of pages or any compatibility issues even with graphic- and content-intensive sites.

We next tried to launch Libra OnDemand application and had no issues whatsoever. The application performed very well, in fact the performance appeared to be even faster than on other browsers, with no impact on the user interface, even in more complex sections of the app. The Functions Map required a Flash plugin, which was installed automatically in a matter of seconds.

So, overall so far so good! Congrats Google!

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