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Another Libra OnDemand Package Update!


Sales & Catering

-Process of creating  merge documents became much easier and doesn’t require developer assistance in the most cases
-Inquiry Enhancements: Ability to qualify inquiry by changing picklist value to “Qualified” and using “Qualify” button. Booking to follow Inquiry type
-Keep/Retain sort order when cloning with items
-Tool for creating Stat Room Types to populate availability for Group Booking
-Function Room order fixed for Function Diary
-Triggers optimization to resolve bugs when creating/modifying Groups

Email Marketing

-Email Campaign Wizard
-Multi picklist support in Email List builder

Loyalty Module

-Ignore leading zeros when matching Guest Profile by Member Card Number
-Freeform rate code support in Loyalty Batch to support non property specific rate codes

Minor improvements / bug fixes

-First uppercase letter for middle name in reservation confirmation


New Libra OnDemand Package Update


Sales & Catering 
- New JS Function Calendar (available through the “Function Diary” button on the Booking) 
- Support of Function priorities
- Validation of parallel Definite bookings
- Status following for Functions & Groups
Loyalty Module
- Added Support of Multi certificate per transaction
- Added period of activity for Rewards to have different price per period
- Introduced concept of Sub Rules which makes process of creating rules easier
- Added “Required days” option to select day(s) of week when the rule is active
Email Marketing
- Added sorting to Email Template List page


This package may also fix some isolated trigger related issues when changing status on Booking/Group or deleting Groups.

Contact Libra OnDemand Support with any questions.


Reaction to "CRM: Go Vertical, Customize or Integrate"

A bit ago I read a great blog post by Lauren Carlson at Hospitality CRM Software Advice titled “CRM: Go Vertical, Customize or Integrate?”  I couldn’t help but relate Libra OnDemand to what Lauren was discussing.

Libra OnDemand is without a doubt a powerhouse for the hospitality sector.  With the offerings of CRM & Analytics, Concierge & Guest Relations, Sales Groups & Events, Loyalty Management & Rewards, Email Marketing Campaigns, Customer Portal, and HMS Portal, Libra OnDemand is truly a robust solution.

In reading, I realized that our solution built completely in the cloud fits into the categories Lauren mentioned. Taking a “verticalization” perspective, our solutions are very specific.  The hospitality industry, including hotels, resorts, nightclubs, restaurants, and event venues would all be quite familiar with the terminology and functionality included.  Lauren mentioned some of the drawbacks found in vertical solutions, including technical obsolesce and lack of customizable freedom.  Neither of these are found in Libra OnDemand!

Being built on top of the Force.com platform allows for real-time updates and continuous development of the Libra OnDemand application.  Likewise, in house development continues to roll out new features as part of a managed package the user does not need to worry about.  Being a cloud based SaaS solution, updates are able to be pushed in real time to clients.  This eliminates any concern for “old” or “outdated” software, and removes the need to purchase a new version just to obtain a feature.  Clients are subscribing to service, ensuring they always have the most up to date solution possible.

On the same note, users can attest to the fact that Libra OnDemand is an extremely customizable package.  Not only is multi language and multi currency support built into the platform, custom solutions and workflows are intuitive enough for clients to develop themselves.  Plus, when a bit more customization is needed (or just a bit of help), our world class support department and team of in-house developers are available to assist.

Overall ,it is important to ensure whatever platform, solution, or service researched is going to be adaptable enough for the client.  Having a managed package, with customization options, high caliber support, and cutting edge development is a good place to start.

Interested in this type of solution? We should chat.  Reach out to Libra OnDemand at info@libraondemand.com.  Want to see what all the chatter is about?  Sign up for a free trial at www.libraondemand.com.